Machine Learning Scientist

Machine Learning Scientists create the products of the future. They collaborate with subject matter experts, design algorithms, and develop predictive data models that result in new features and enhancements that delight customers. If you have a passion for diving deep into data and software development and want to shape the customer experiences of tomorrow, get started with the Machine Learning Scientist Pathway today.This pathway introduces fundamental cloud computing and basic Machine Learning concepts. You will examine the basic Machine Learning ecosystem, and explore the learning process. Additionally, you will review the required competencies needed in the field of Machine Learning.

Estimated Time to Completion : 25hrs

  • Learning modules with text and videos
  • Module wise knowledge Check quizzes
  • Chapterwise Assignments

Programming Knowldege,Analytical Skills,Algorithms

  • Module 1: What is Machine Learning?
  • Module 2: AWS Machine Learning Services
  • Module 3: Core Competencies
  • Module 4: Resources

Learn about the diverse knowledge and skills Machine Learning Scientists use every day, including distributed systems, programming and scripting, and data analytics.