Microchip ATMEGA 16

Course is designed specifically for beginners those who want to start career in embedded industry. If you are a beginner looking to do DIY and Prototyping with cool electronic stuff, then you are going to find this very useful. This AVR Atmega16 course is going to cover all the information about microcontrollers. Also focusing on projects, make various projects utilising the concepts.

Estimated Time to Completion : 40 hrs

  • 9 interactive chapters
  • Chapterwise Quizzes
  • Hands-On Practicals
  • Final Assessment

Basic understanding of Electronic Circuit.

  • Module 1: Introduction
  • Module 2:Microcontrollers
  • Module 3:AVR RISC Microcontroller Architecture
  • Module 4:The AVR Instruction Set
  • Module 5:Communication Link for the AVR Processors
  • Module 6:Overview of Atmega16/32 Microcontroller
  • Module 7:PIN Description ATMEGA 16/32 Microcontroller
  • Module 8: Writing the Code Setting up AVR Studio

This course will teach you Embedded C language, during this course various circuit fundamental swill be discussed and also you will gain various logic building on microcontroller.