Palo Alto Cybersecurity Foundations

The Foundation course introduces students to the fundamentals of cybersecurity and the concepts they must understand to be able to recognize and mitigate attacks against networks and mission-critical infrastructure.

Estimated Time to Completion : 15 hrs

  • 7 learning modules with text and videos
  • Hands-On Lab Practice
  • Final Assessment
  • Certification Exam

No pre-requisites required.

  • Module 1:Cyber Landscape
  • Module 2: Cyberthreats
  • Module 3:Malware and Spamming
  • Module 4:Wi-fi and Advanced Threats
  • Module 5:Network Security Models
  • Module 6:Cloud and Data Center Security
  • Module 7:Best Practice and Principles

Students will learn the nature and scope of today’s cybersecurity challenges.And strategies for network defense. Unlimited Access to MOODLES