Vmware Cloud and Virtualization Concepts

Cloud and Virtualization Concepts Course designed by VMware IT academy will lead you topic-by-topic to build your understanding of what virtualization is, and how it can be used,the main components involved in virtualization,as well as VMware's role in the virtualization industry and,how knowledge of virtualization can lead to great career opportunities.

Estimated Time to Completion : 9 hrs

  • 8 chapters
  • 4 Hands-On Labs

No pre-requisites required

  • Module 1: Welcome!
  • Module 2: Introduction to Virtualization
  • Module 3: The Hypervisor
  • Module 4: The Data Center
  • Module 5: The Virtual Data Center
  • Module 6: The Cloud
  • Module 7: VMware Virtualization Solutions
  • Module 8: Where to Go from Here?

  • Explore creating virtual machines and the benefits
  • Understand how individuals and businesses benefit from virtualization
  • Describe virtualization, virtual machines, hypervisors, and VMware vSphere components
  • Describe the concepts of server, network, storage, and desktop virtualization
  • Understand cloud concepts such as types of cloud computing and popular cloud deployment models