Vmware Network Virtualization Concepts

Network Virtualization Concepts Course designed by VMware IT academy will lead you topic-by-topic to build your understanding of what network virtualization is, the main components involved in it, and how knowledge in the topic can lead to great career opportunities.

Estimated Time to Completion : 9 hrs

  • 6 chapters
  • Coursebook

No pre-requisites required.

  • Module 1: Welcome!
  • Module 2: Introduction to Virtualization
  • Module 3: The Software-Defined Data Center
  • Module 4: Network Virtualization Service
  • Module 5: The NSX Data Center
  • Module 6: Where To Go From Here?

  • Learn basic network virtualization concepts
  • Articulate NSX capabilities and benefits
  • Describe the major VMware NSX components in the data, management, and control planes and their interactions
  • Apply relevant NSX features to use cases
  • Explain NSX network virtualization components and services
  • Explain how network virtualization is utilized in an SDDC environment