AWS Web Development Engineer

DevOps Engineers are the first line of defense to tackle software application issues that could disrupt the customer experience. They work behind the scenes with different teams to identify, implement, and monitor software applications, as well as identify ways to automate manual processes. If you're a problem solver who enjoys working with multiple technologies, explore the DevOps Engineer Pathway today to learn more.

Estimated Time to Completion : 40 hrs

  • 5 learning modules with text and videos
  • 4 Module wise knowledge Check quizzes
  • Chapter Wise Assignments
  • Final Assessment
  • Final Project

No pre-requisites required.

  • Module 1: Introduction
  • Module 2: Software Development:Architecture & DevOPs
  • Module 3:Software Development:Programming and Scripting
  • Module 4: Software Development:Web,Mobile and Gaming
  • Module 5: Data and Databases: Structures, Relational and Non-relational
  • Module 6:Platform

Start learning the skills Application Developers use to design, test, and maintain software apps, including application architecture, web and mobile development, coding, and programming.