Robotics Process Automation (RPA) Foundation

The Blue Prism RPA Foundations courses prepare students to pass Blue Prism Developer exams. Blue Prism is a leading Robotics Process Automation software with high demand in the market. In this course, you will learn Blue Prism which is a Robotics Process Automation software. You will not only learn how to develop RPA solution using Blue Prism but also will understand advanced concepts like multi-BOT architecture and how Blue Prism is deployed in large enterprises.

Estimated Time to Completion : 40 hrs

Anyone programming language

  • Lecture 2.1 Fundamentals of Robotics Process Automation
  • Lecture 2.2 Blueprism and contemporary RPA tools
  • Lecture 2.3 Process Studio & Object Studio
  • Lecture 2.4 Introduction to Process flow and configuration
  • Lecture 2.5 Inputs and Outputs in Blueprism
  • Lecture 2.6 Error and Cases in Blue Prism, How to Manage them
  • Lecture 2.7 Advanced Features

  • Creating RPA solutions with Blue Prism
  • Blueprism infrastructure setup
  • Fundamentals of Robotics Process Automation