Student Ambassador

A Student ambassador is amongst you only who can help other students in their peer groups to connect with EduSkills Academy curriculum. The program is available to student members who are enrolled at any college or university.

Roles & Responsibilities of a Student Ambassador

  • Gather student’s information, answer questions, assist them to enroll at EduSkills Academy by phone, email, text, and social media.
  • Help students to know and understand what EduSkills Academy has to offer.
  • Be the one on platform to answers on the queries of academic programs.


Apply online
Application shortlisted
Get approval
Program mentoring
Enroll students
Claim your rewards

Benefits of being a Student Ambassador

  • Hands on Skills - Learn skills like leadership, marketing, convincing, communication and the most important of all, team work!
  • Great networking opportunity with other students, universities/colleges.
  • Become part of the EduSkills Academy team.
  • Gain volunteer experience for your CV/Resume.
  • Learning and earning opportunities.
  • Plan and coordinate your own marketing strategy.
  • Get Student Ambassador certificate.